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Healing is Within

There is no 'one size fits all' formula when it comes to healing.

We all break in different ways, we all wear different wounds - so we cannot expect to find healing in the footsteps of others.

And maybe that's the hardest part- we have to heal alone and before you learn the love you hold inside and feel the ways it will warm you, being alone will be scary.


You have simply forgotten the divinity that dwells within you.

The isolation is meant to show you how to stand on your own 2 feet again, how to breathe again; so being alone can stop being lonely. So you can finally see that everything you need you already are.

It’s time to rewrite the lies you’ve been told about not being whole when the universe dwells within you and infinity falls before you.

It’s time you withdrew from the world. It’s time you get to know your pain so you can speak grace into all of your failures and forgiveness over all of your sins.

It’s time to give yourself everything you’ve been seeking from others and finally let freedom sink in.

Noelle Rousseau

@lolnoelle_ (instagram)

@Noelle’s Poetry (tiktok)


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