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Whether this is your first reading or your 100th reading, it is best to know the goal for the reading to determine the type you should request. If you want to hear from someone who has departed, a mediumship reading is best. A psychic reading is ideal if you want guidance on a specific situation, such as a career change. A trance reading is excellent if you're going to connect with spirit guides or receive healing. With all readings, come with an open mind and not have a preconceived ideal to only hear from one specific person, but you can come with a list of questions or themes you would like to understand or dive into. As a Psychic Medium and healer, my role is not to convince you but to be the conduit to provide messages I receive and allow spirit a vehicle in which to communicate.    

We begin all sessions with an opening prayer to set up a sacred space for us to work. Within the prayer, we will add language to the purpose of the session. One key area to note is that I am not a doctor, financial advisor, or lawyer. So I cannot provide guidance on these matters and suggest reaching out to the appropriate experts for those situations. My services are for the ages of 18 and older. 

There are times I'll sense resistance or nervousness, and we may perform a mini-guided meditation to balance the energy. There are times the message does not make sense at the moment. I ask that you jot it down and check back several weeks and months. So many have reported how spot on it was once they took a moment to digest the information provided.

Reiki is energy healing that can be provided to people, pets, and yourself. It is performed by someone who has had the proper reiki training and attunements. The healing can be provided either in person or remotely by laying hands over someone. During the session, you may feel different sensations, see colors or visions, or not see or feel anything. Each person can have a different experience on how they receive the energy healing.

With a Reiki session, we start with finding out what is going on and why you feel drawn to a reiki session. You will lie down on a table or relax in your home. We will set up a sacred space by performing an opening prayer. Sometimes we will also have a guided meditation to begin the session where I place my hands over the person or a surrogate if remote. During the reiki session, I may use various crystals or call upon guides to aid in the healing process. Afterward, we will debrief on what we had seen or felt and the next steps. 

Yes, if you have an open mind and want to help yourself and others. Each class is offered in a group setting, semi-private, or private setting (in person or remotely). Feel free to reach out to see what option is best for you.

As we go through our lives, we connect with people, places, and pets in unique ways. Each connection in our lives, whether directly or indirectly, friendly or unfriendly, provides a cord. Some cords even with the ones we love may be damaged, and we call those "negative cords". Negative cords can also be cast on us by strangers, or by the energy, a place has such as a hospital, or airport. The negative energy cord-cutting process removes those cords and fills the void with love and light. A Reiki session is also provided during this process.

There are some aftercare steps needed after this session. Clients have reported feeling lighter and energized after the session. Follow-up Reiki sessions are highly recommended.

I have clients over the globe. Sessions and classes can be provided over the phone, by Zoom or facetime. 

Absolutely! You can take notes or record the audio of your session so you can stay within the moment of the session and refer back at a later date or share with your friends.

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