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What they are saying about Erica


I purchased this reading not knowing what to expect however I was not disappointed! Erica was friendly and very personable.  The reading was amazing and informative. Definitely will use her again!! - Patricia

Whoever may be reading this, I know we don't know each other but I promise you this is an incredible experience. I was so blown away by it that I immediately paid for my wife to have a session. When she was through with her session I found her crying and laughing and I could physically see the stress that had just been wiped away. It's been three days and I'm sleeping better, my wife and I are better connected and I'm just not so frustrated at the world. I feel the wonder of the world like something great is just around the corner just like I did as a child.


Don't pass this up. If your intuition is telling you to go for it, go for it. I don't think I could ever articulate how grateful I am. - Leon H.               

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I loved, loved, loved my reading! I will most definitely will be booking again in the near future

- Shlonda

Erica is great! A true gem! All of her readings come from a place of light and love which is very important to me. She is insightful and willing to answer any questions you may have about past, future and present! - VParham

Loved the reading, she explained everything in detail and everything matched exactly as far as my personality! Loved the experience! - Karesia

This reader is AWESOME!!! She picked up on so much that had me stuck. Thanks to her, I now have direction on where my life is heading. It was like talking to my best friend. I highly reccommend her. Thank you again for making my New Year's clear ♥- Lynda

Very good experience. She takes her time to explain everything is accurate. Even tho was a phone call she took her time to lay out cards and send me a text of how the layout looks so I have an idea. I really recommend her - Keyla

Erica was very on point in my reading and I really appreciate her sending photos of my cards to that she interpreted. I would love to get another reading from herin the near future! - Rebekah

I absolutely enjoyed my reading with Erica. I felt like it was more like a friendly conversation versus a service. She was just that nice, professional and personable. So recommend! - Melonie

I purchased this reading not knowing what to expect however I was not disappointed! Erica was friendly and very personable. The reading was amazing and informative. Definitely will use her again!! - PATRICIA

Erica is absolutely amazing. Very patient, caring, insightful & her energy is everything! The cord cutting & Reiki session was cleansing & clearing. She was also able to connect to a friend of mine through the spiritual world & give me words of wisdom from him. I would definitely & have already recommended her & I look forward to future sessions with her. - Lauren

Amazing woman with incredible spirit. Highly recommend trying Reiki to help with your healing and growth. - Danesha

I absolutely loved the reading I received from Erica. She was really nice, personable & easy to talk too. I would definitely recommend her. Very professional and has a beautiful spirit. - Mel

I had a wonderful reading with Erica. She used both Tarot and Oracle cards. She picked up an some things she could not have known and weaved it all into my reading. The reading was helpful and substantial, really like her energy - highly recommend! - Nadine

I am very impressed with Erica’s reading and I am happy the way she gave me a direction to go. - Sri P

Positive Communication, Professionalism, Quality - Mary Angela

Erica was super, awesome. She was so accurate with her reading 

 & even went above & beyond by letting my mom, who passed away about a year ago, which she didn't know as I hadn't mentioned anything about it, channel thru her to tell me some very important things. I recommend her to anyone, especially those who doubt the realness of people with such a gift! - Lauren

Erica is an amazing teacher and her classes are wonderful. I received Reiki I and II training and attunements from her and it was transformational. She shares her knowledge and explains everything. She was so thoughtful in every detail and takes time to answer any questions you may have. She made very informative take home books, lovely certificates, and even provided snacks. I really felt very comfortable and enjoyed the whole experience.

- Jessica

Extremely insightful reading! Impeccable details she spoke of across the years! She only knew my first name! Unbelievably accurate! I truly can’t wait to receive another reading!.

- Shelley

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