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Removing Negative Attachments


Negative Cord Cutting


Negative Energy Cord Cutting is the energetic process of cutting negative and fear-based attachments from your life experience to prevent them from continuing to block your energy, vitality, and well-being. Many people who felt they had put things past them have benefited as well as those in the throes of the situation. Erica performs cord-cutting in conjunction with a Reiki and/or Archangelic Light session.


Afterward, a person may feel detox-type symptoms for several days. During the process, we will only remove cords that are not for your highest good. There is some pre-work involved to get the most out of the session. All sessions can be provided remotely.   

It is highly recommended to schedule additional follow up reiki sessions after this service.

Cord Cutting Experience


So I've been trying to induce an out of body experience for years and lately as soon as I would get close my heart would start pounding. And I mean running a mile pounding. I couldn't seem to get past it. 


I started doing research and I discovered that it was usually caused by a blockage in the heart chakra so I began to search for someone who could do a chakra cleanse. By chance I found Dharma's Love on Groupon. I e-mailed Erica and she was very punctual, very knowledgeable and very polite.


I proceeded to ask her a lot of questions and while I was skeptical of the whole thing, something told me I should trust her. She told me I would benefit the most from a Reiki and cord cutting session. She gave me directions and we proceeded. I laid down and put an eye mask on and earplugs in so that I would be more sensitive to any sensations that might occur.


For a moment I found myself getting frustrated. All I could think was that I just wasted my money on some nonsense. then the sensations started happening


I could physically feel the bad cords she severed.. indescribable but the best I can do is explain the sensations around it.


Vibrations starting at my feet and then moving up my body, and instead of spreading, it just slowly moved from body part to body part. Sharp stabbing (but not painful) sensations around my heart. Immediately after an overwhelming sense of calm followed by vibrations at my crown.

When I say an overwhelming sense of calm, it felt like I was given a low dose of morphine. 


I spoke to Erica on the phone afterward and she began explaining to me what she did and mentioned the energy she felt including the stabbing sensations around my heart BEFORE I said anything! I knew right then and there that I hadn't imagined this and she wasn't giving me some generalized answers to make me feel better.


Whoever may be reading this, I know we don't know each other but I promise you this is an incredible experience. I was so blown away by it that I immediately paid for my wife to have a session. When she was through with her session I found her crying and laughing and I could physically see the stress that had just been wiped away. It's been three days and I'm sleeping better, my wife and I are better connected and I'm just not so frustrated at the world. I feel the wonder of the world like something great is just around the corner just like I did as a child.


Don't pass this up. If your intuition is telling you to go for it, go for it. I don't think I could ever articulate how grateful I am."

- Leon H.

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