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Erasing Negative Programming



Quantum Soul Clearing

The Quantum Soul Clearing Process is a Spiritual Technology you can use to turn any negative thoughts, feelings, and behaviors into positive ones! This “technology” that marvelously unites the best practices and principles from the worlds of science and spirituality. As you transform the negative emotions into positive ones, you send a clear broadcast message to the Quantum Universe. Watch how quickly your life changes, as you step into your Soul’s Divine Blueprint and attract all that you desire.

Quantum Soul Clearing can break the cycles of pain and suffering programmed into us when we were impressionable and vulnerable. Often these programs are passed down from generation to generation as an unworthiness, an inability to ask for and receive what you want and need, a feeling of being judged and found wanting, unforgiven. These negative feelings can leave us depressed, anxious and isolated; certainly not living the full expansive lives the divine source of your understanding intends for us to live.

What are your core limiting programs? Addiction, anxiety, anger, abandonment, distrust? Feeling unloved, unworthy, unaccepted? That you haven’t found your true purpose, that something is holding you back, that you don’t trust yourself?


Clearing your negative programming opens an energetic space for you to embrace life. To accept unconditional love, find inner peace, self-worth, and serenity. You find yourself opening up to the idea of unconditionally receiving all the good that life has to offer.

It is highly suggested that additional follow-up reiki sessions are booked after the service.

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