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Connecting You With Loved Ones Who Have Passed

Or Spirit Guides


Conducting mental mediumship, Erica channels information from the soul of your departed loved one.  Erica receives and interprets vibrational spirit communications from a discarnate soul to share direct and clear messages that are accurate and validating to the sitter.  Many people seek out a medium because hearing from loved ones who have died can bring a sense of healing, peace, understanding and validation.  

In trance mediumship, Erica will connect with spirit and spirit guides and have them provide messages directly to the client. Some sessions, spirit provides healing and allows questions. There may also be some transfiguration of the medium but the voice tone and quality will not emulate the departed or spirit guide. The spirit uses the medium to communicate messages for healing, closure and guidance. 


Erica has done advanced studies in this modality with Lisa Bovard, Tony Stockwell and Mark Bedwood. The time the medium is in a trance state can vary but typical sessions last about 45 minutes.     

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