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Reiki Treatment and Teaching

Reiki Treatment & Teaching




Erica Petersohn of Dharma's Love practices Reiki treatment and also teaches Reiki to those who are interested.
What is Reiki? Reiki is a type of special therapy where the palms of the hands are used over the body to heal the person of illnesses. Reiki treatment involves the healer lightly placing their hands on the person or on a surrogate for healing. Energy from the healer is transferred to the patient to assist the patient's body in the healing process. Reiki comes from the Chinese and Japanese word characters "rei" (supernatural or spiritual) and "ki" (vital energy). Energy healing can be sent over distance. Please check out a few of the articles on Remote Reiki benefits in the blog section.

Services can be done remotely over the phone or Zoom. Please contact me to learn Reiki remotely in a private or group setting.

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