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Spiritually Guided Readings


Psychic Readings


Erica Petersohn of Dharma's Love provides psychic readings. An appointment can be set up for those seeking guidance from their angels or spirit guides. These readings can be performed over Zoom or the phone.

In a psychic reading, I ask that you come in with questions and an open mind to get the answers you seek during your readings. In the psychic reading, questions can be asked as we move through the reading.

People seek a psychic reading for various reasons. These reasons include business planning, making choices about life, love and work, self-development, and answers about the past, present, and future. Lessons that need to be learned and living the best life possible through these lessons. Many clients like the fluidity of psychic readings because we can tap into our guides and receive messages in many areas. 


If you are unsure of what service is right for you, please drop me a note or call. I’m happy to help provide you with insights on the process or any other questions you have on any of the services or products.

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