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Divine Healing & Spiritual Services


If you are in need of divine healing and spiritual services, Dharma's Love, LLC is here to help. Dharma's Love specializes in:






These services can be done over the phone or online.

Military, veterans, or active duty, enjoy a 10% discount, please let me know when booking. Sessions and prices are per person unless otherwise noted. 
What is divine healing? Divine healing is a gift of healing that is given to those who are called to heal others. God is the highest healer and passes on his gifts to those he decides are fit to heal and help others. This God-given energy is passed on to healers, who in turn share this gift with those who are hurting.  Erica Petersohn is an Archangelic Light Master and uses her gifts with love and light.




I seek to provide guidance and clarity through God’s will.

I am not a licensed medical practitioner or mental health specialist. I cannot and will not diagnose any person to confirm a condition, provide medical advice, or tell you that you are cured of any such condition(s) and suggest seeking assistance from a medical practitioner or other medical specialist. I am also not a lawyer or financial expert and suggest seeking these experts for advice.

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