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Amazing Spiritual Energy


Amazing Spiritual Energy


Archangelic Light


Archangelic Light is an amazing spiritual energy that goes directly to the root cause to promote healing emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. This energy healing modality works with the Archangels, Angels and the Divine. During a session both the giver and receiver may feel a cooling sensation and some can even see visions and colors. We always start with positive intension and phrasing for the sessions. When we prepare for your session, we can work on this together or you can bring a list to the session and best of all or you do not even need to share this with me.  The Archangels will guide me for your highest good and any messages I receive for you are shared.


Initially some may experience a temporary increase in symptoms and discomfort while the energy moves toxins out of the body.  I ask that you take it easy as your body adjusts and stay hydrated. Afterwards, many people feel a sense of peace and balance after the session and others also have a decrease in pain. You can benefit from one session of Archangelic Light Healing; however, three or more sessions are often recommended. People will sometimes receive sessions periodically thereafter to reinforce their intention or set a new intention. All sessions can be provided in remotely.  

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