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Give and Take: How to Celebrate the Full Moon

For centuries, the moon has held powerful spiritual significance. As it reaches the end of its 8-phase cycle and hangs from the sky completely illuminated opposite the sun, it is said to bring fertility, abundance, completion, and transformation.

The moon’s pull on the tides is something we understand, but does the moon really have an effect on us? Well, since humans are 60% water, it would only make sense that along with its powerful effect on the earth around us, the moon also contributes to tides of change within our own lives.

Full Moon Ritual

Honoring the moon and its spiritual symbolism has become a practice of growing popularity in today’s world, but how do we take full advantage of the energy that comes with the completion of its cycle?

1. Focus on Reflecting

While new moons are the perfect time to plant seeds, your focus during a full moon should be on reflecting. The moon is at its brightest during this phase, and if we used the new moon to set intentions and plant seeds, we should be taking some time during the full moon to bring our awareness to what we’ve done since then. Ask yourself questions like “what seeds did I plant that have grown into abundance?” or “what do I need to release that is no longer serving me?”

Instead of our focus being forward, use this time to look back on what you have accomplished and what needs to be removed from your life before setting new intentions.

2. Cleanse Your Space

As we take time to reflect and release during the full moon, we also need to take time to cleanse our space of the energies (both light and dark) that have built up throughout the past lunar cycle. Consider smudging your home, taking a relaxing bath, and focusing on affirmations like “I am releasing that which no longer serves me.”

3. Spend Time Meditating

In line with our theme of reflecting and letting emotions rise to the surface so we can release the ones that no longer align with our intentions, meditation is a powerful tool we can use to bring us into the present, where we can honor the place, we’ve arrived at with the end of the lunar cycle. If you’re not sure where to get started, check out this blog post for some tips on where to begin.

3. Journal

As we reflect on what negative emotions, behaviors, and beliefs we will need to let go of before the next new moon, taking some time to write them down can be a profound way to release them. Using the present tense (phrases like ‘I am letting go of ____’) helps center ourselves in the now. Once they're on paper, it makes it easier to sever our ties to these things within our minds. If you want, you can also try burning the paper once you’re finished to symbolize the destruction of the negative in your life and dispose of the ashes far from your home or flush them away.

The full moon is a time of energetically charged emotions, so along with our focus being on letting go and leaving behind, we need to remember that this is a time to pause and be present. Don’t sweat the little stuff, don’t make any significant decisions, and center your intentions around gratitude, self-awareness, and cleansing. Honor the person you are becoming on your journey by acknowledging the progress you’ve made and honoring what you are letting go of.

Do you have a full moon ritual? Please share it with me in the comments!


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