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Resurrecting our Intuition

We live amidst a fear-based society that often makes us feel incapable of controlling the world around us. We try, for a while, to establish some order amidst the chaos by creating division- mainly between that which we understand and that which we don’t. Over time, the lack of control we truly have becomes exposed, and instead of switching our goal from power to understanding and flowing with, we conclude that if we can’t control the world around us, we can’t trust ourselves.

The truth is, when we surrender to that which is and give up our need for control, we gain a new kind of power: intuition.

What is Intuition?

Coming face to face with the reality that every one of us exists in a state of constant chaos and change that we have very little reign over can leave us feeling hopeless, helpless, and vulnerable. Still, if we begin to pay attention and observe the world around us to understand it, we’ll start to see that there is a hidden order to be found.

Intuition is often portrayed as a ‘gift’ in today’s spiritual community, while many believe it’s something you’re born with. We need to understand it as both.

Intuition is defined as the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning. The word intuition originates from the Latin word intueri which means ‘consider,’ which hints at spiritual significance. But where does this ability come from, and how do we learn to use it properly?

Giving and Receiving

If we think of intuition as a gift sent to us by our spirit guides or leaders, we first need to begin reaping its benefits to accept the gift. This may sound obvious, but if intuition is something we are born with, it’s easy to see that as we move through life, it becomes something buried underneath stress, fear, and other negative emotions.

To resurrect our intuition, we need to remove the separation. We need to show the universe we are grateful for the gift of understanding bestowed upon us through intuition by letting go of what prevents us from accessing it. Here’s how:

1. Cultivate stillness in your life

To ‘hear’ things that aren’t spoken to us through words, we need to create a space of stillness. To receive intuition from the spiritual realm, we need to shut out the noise preventing us from hearing it.

2. Seek presence and self-awareness

Meditation is a great place to cultivate stillness while being present and aware of our thoughts. Focus on letting your thoughts float by like clouds without creating a wind that blows them away. Change only comes to what we are willing to accept, so focus on making space for whatever thoughts may come.

If there is guilt, shame, or fear associated with a thought, that’s where healing is needed. Often, doubt and fear will rise against our intuition, serving as a blockage between us and our guides. To remove this blockage, we need to accept and learn to identify it.

3. Address your limiting beliefs/negative perceptions

Imagine you’re meditating, and the first thought that comes into your mind immediately disappears under fear. It may be that you have some old trauma you need to work through and heal, or there may be a second hand or limiting belief you hold that is hiding beneath the heavy emotions you’ve used to block it out. Take time to dig into these emotions and ask yourself why you feel them. Emotions can overpower our ability to reason, leaving us feeling powerless and unable to listen to our intuition.

Let’s look at it from this angle. We might start to realize that developing our intuition is more so about reviving it by digging ourselves out from beneath the shadow of the past and steering our focus towards being present in a powerful way.

4. Journal

One of the most powerful ways we can overcome any thoughts that may stand in the way of receiving knowledge from the universe is by journaling. Write about your dreams, take note of anything that sparks your interest, and write about any moments that make you go hmmm. Over time, you may start to notice patterns about yourself that can help guide you on your journey.

The universe is constantly speaking to us every moment of our lives, and the more we direct our focus outward, the harder it is to hear. As we spend time looking inward and removing the emotional roadblocks that are holding us back from receiving divine knowledge, we essentially turn up the volume of God’s voice by turning down the volume of the world. Intuition will always lead us towards a place of peace, fulfillment, and joy, but before we can arrive there, we need to fight the fear, guilt, shame and worry keeping us from that.

As we learn to let go of these things to receive the wisdom of the heavens willingly, we create a beautiful cycle in which giving up the things that are hurting us creates space for the things that won’t. The purest form of gratitude is the unhindered reception of gifts.


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