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Psychic vs Medium

“Psychic” and “Medium” are often used interchangeably,

but they are quite different gifts.

A psychic uses intuitive senses such as claircognizance and clairvoyance or tools such as cards or runes to read and interpret vibrational energies attached you in your life path. They can sense precise information about your past, present and future.

While a psychic may “see” your future, always remember you have complete free will. That said, they can help you focus on specific areas like health, wealth, or relationship. Do you have an opportunity for a career change, or thinking about a move?

A psychic has access to an accurate and deep intuitive understanding of what lies ahead for you.

A medium uses intuitive senses to share messages from those that have departed. Some say there is no such thing as death, only a transition from the physical realm to the spiritual realm. The medium may use clairaudience to hear, or clairvoyance to receive symbols or even see those who have passed. They then interpret this information and share it with you.

Mediums offer direct and clear messages. Many people seek out a medium because hearing from your loved ones who have passed brings a sense of healing, peace, understanding and validation.

The most important distinction between a psychic and a medium is if you want to talk to the dead, go to a medium. If you want to receive insight on your life path, go to a psychic.

Do you have questions about your life? Would you like to hear from a loved one who has passed? Contact me now to schedule a reading.

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Thanks for reading and have a blessed day!

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