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My Thoughts on Affirmations

They say a belief is just a thought you keep thinking. That’s why affirmations are an essential part of my journey. Because by stating and repeating affirmations, even when they might not be true right now today, through repetition and consistency, they seep into your subconscious and eventually become a reality, a self-fulfilling prophecy.

What are some negative things you say or think about yourself? Do you feel awkward in social situations? Feel unlucky, unlovable? Not worthy of a full, happy, abundant life? All those thoughts and more can be turned around with affirmations.

According to the dictionary, to affirm means to state as a fact; assert strongly and publicly.

So, what is an affirmation? According to the dictionary, to affirm means to state as a fact; assert strongly and publicly.

Affirmations are a powerful tool in replacing limiting or negative thought patterns with empowering positive ones. Effective affirmations are spoken in the first person, present tense. Think “I am” and “I do” rather than “I try” or “I will” types of statements.

First, find your affirmations. Concentrate on one limiting belief. Think of a role model that has the trait you want. Maybe it’s a friend; perhaps it’s someone of the past such as Theodore Roosevelt, or famous people of today like Serena Williams or Sir Richard Branson. What do you think that person believes of themselves?

Let’s take confidence as an example. Think of three to five different ways you can state or affirm that you are confident.

· “I am confident.”

· “I am naturally confident.”

· “People recognize my confidence.”

· “Confidence comes naturally to me.”

· “I am confident that good things happen for me.”

Second, stand up tall, look forward, put your hands on your hips like Superman or Wonder Woman. Some people do this while looking at themselves in the eyes of a mirror. Speak your affirmations out loud. Think of how your role model would say these statements. Repeat your affirmations three or more times. This process may feel a little silly at first, but with consistency, you’ll soon look forward to practicing your affirmations.

Lastly, think about making this a routine for yourself. I like to do affirmations twice a day, in the morning soon after waking and in the evenings before going to bed. This way, I start and end my day on a positive note. Pick a couple of times each day that works for you and be consistent.

Another way to reinforce your affirmations is to write them down. You can post them on your refrigerator, on your bathroom mirror, on your workstation anywhere you are likely to see them.

Visualizations and anchoring can also reinforce your affirmations. Visualize yourself as the confident or lovable person you want to be. How do you look? How do you feel?

Anchoring is when you think of a time in your life when you were confident or successful. Remember that time and “anchor” it with a touch, like a tug on the ear or pressing your thumb and forefinger together. Perform your anchoring process when saying your affirmations.

Use these affirmation tools and remember consistency is the key to turning your limiting beliefs into limitless possibilities!

Here are some more affirmation examples:

For Success:

“I am successful.”

“I make excellent decisions.”

“I have great ideas.”

“People want to help me succeed.”

“My success helps others succeed.”

“I enjoy success.”

For Weight loss:

“I am healthy and fit.”

“I enjoy my body.”

“Clothes fit me easily.”

“I live a healthy lifestyle.”

“I make healthy choices.”

“I eat healthy foods.”

“I enjoy being slim.”

Attract Prosperity:

“I am wealthy.”

“I always have enough money.”

“I enjoy paying bills because I can.”

“Money comes easily to me.”

“I enjoy making money.”

“I enjoy managing my money.”

Have fun and enjoy this process! Kick the “I will” to the curb and let “I am…” be a part of your everyday life.


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