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Mental Mediumship vs Trance Mediumship

Making a Link with the Spirit World

I’ve already shared about the difference between a psychic and a medium so today I’m going to share about the mediumship I practice. Mediums can receive messages and other information from loved ones that are deceased, angels, and even Spirit guides. Likewise, the Spirit communicates messages for healing, closure, and guidance through the medium.

I experience two distinct types of mediumship: mental and trance.

Mental Mediumship

In mental mediumship state, I raise my “vibration” to a frequency that allows me to tap into the same frequency as the departed souls. I receive and interpret vibrational Spirit communications from a discarnate soul to share direct and concise messages that are accurate and validating to the sitter. In this modality I am still aware of my body and surroundings.

Many people seek out a medium because hearing from loved ones who have died can bring a sense of healing, peace, understanding and validation. Often Spirits will prove their identity by accurately communicating key details that only the Spirit and the client would know, such as a shared memory.

Trance Mediumship

Trance mediumship is similar to mental mediumship; however, I go into a deeper altered state. This deep connection with Spirits can sometimes allow the Spirit to transfigure my appearance. In this modality, I can have my soul shift off so my human mind and ego do not get in the way of the messages, and Spirit can communicate directly with the recipient. Trance can take a great deal of energy from the medium, and times in this state can vary from as short as 15 minutes to as long as an hour.

In some sessions, Spirit provides healing and allows questions. While there may also be some transfiguration of my physical appearance or gestures, the voice tone and quality will not emulate the departed or Spirit guide.

I will point out when transfiguration happens, the Spirit is not controlling me. Instead, the effect is more of a cooperative effort where I undertake to be the Spirit’s instrument.

Erica has done advanced studies in mediumship with James Van Praagh, Lisa Bovard, Tony Stockwell and Mark Bedwood. The medium’s time in a trance state can vary but typical sessions last about 45 minutes. Book a session with her today.

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