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I’m Feeling a Bit… Backwards? How to Handle Mercury Retrograde

On June 18, we entered the retrograde of 2022, and until July 12, when it finally finishes, you’ll probably hear Mercury taking a lot of the blame when things go awry.

But what is retrograde, and why does it have such a significant impact on our psyche?

Moving Backwards... But Not Really

The term retrograde comes from the Latin word retrogradus, which means backward step. Although none of the planets in our solar system actually move backward in their orbit, it often appears they do from our viewpoint here on earth. This is due to the earth's daily rotation creating an optical illusion.

Every 88 days, Mercury makes its trip around the sun, meaning that roughly 3-To to 4 times per calendar year, we get to face the chaos that comes with its retrograde. Since Mercury is said to rule our thought, communication, and connection, retrograde of this planet affects electronics, relationships, and our mental processing abilities.

So how do we get through this retrograde with as little disruption to our lives as possible?

Surviving Retrograde

With Mercury moving backward, it’s said that its positive influence on that which it rules ‘disappears.’ Relationships suffer miscommunications, electronics malfunction sending emails we don’t want to send, and our ability to reason with the problems we encounter can dwindle due to the strong effect on our mental abilities. The good news is there’s a way to get through this retrograde without a hitch.

1. Slow Down

Take your time during this cosmic chaos. Day to day life is busy, and you may feel the urge to pause amidst the business during this time. Let yourself surrender to the slowness and be present with the mind.

2. Think Before You Speak

With communication being heavily affected, take some time to reflect on your words before letting them slip out of your mouth. If you’re having a conversation with your significant other, make sure to allow time for both of you to regroup if needed and focus on developing a deeper understanding for your partner. Not only does this combat the miscommunication that comes with mercury's retrograde, but it will strengthen and improve your relationship long term.

3. Focus on Listening

Mercury can make our mouths run, so make sure you’re paying attention to what those around you have to say. Take a moment between thoughts to turn your attention outwards, and create space where you can listen to someone else. The goal should be to develop a conversation of balance, where understanding and attentiveness blossom.

4. Pay Attention

Before sending that email, text, or sign that important document, make sure you’ve taken some time to dig into the details. It’s easy to miss things when your mental processing is affected, so double down on your proofreading and don’t sign anything you don’t fully understand.

If Mercury wreaks havoc on your life despite your best efforts, remember that anything you are aligned with can’t be affected. If you have to say goodbye to some things during these few weeks, make peace with it by reminding yourself that what is meant for you will find you and stay. Above all else, take time to make peace with what is lost and any chaos. Honor this time as one of realignment, and understand that ultimately the chaos that comes is a gift in disguise.

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