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How to Know if you are connected to Spirit

When we come to the end of ourselves, it is human nature to reach out for something more. Whether you call it God, the universe, or spirit, many of us want to know we are

divinely connected, especially when we have difficulties thrown our way.

Most seek peace, comfort, guidance, and wisdom as we begin our spiritual journey. Since spirit doesn’t usually show up with a big cardboard sign that says, “you’re connected!” we need to be aware of the subtle signs that show up in our life to confirm when we are, in fact, divinely connected. Here are some of the things you can watch for in your life:

1. Synchronicity

As we move through our spiritual journey, many people notice repeating numbers like 222, 333, or 444. One of the essential understandings we gain from our spiritual walk is that everything is connected. Hence, as we move deeper into the universe and become synchronized with our path, these numbers can serve as confirmation and a call to keep listening and be present. Numbers aren’t the only synchronicity we need to watch for though, repeating themes or situations can also show us the following steps on our path.

2. You’re outgrowing your life

As much as our connection to spirit will bring us comfort and peace, it will also force us to leave behind the things that no longer serve us. We need to be ready to let go of things that no longer align with our energy so that spirit can fill those spaces with things that do. Don’t be surprised when certain things in your life start to feel finished; focus on what’s to come and make peace with what you are letting go of.

3. You feel at peace

One of the main ways to know if we are connected to a higher power is the peace we feel, usually despite challenging circumstances. Don’t get me wrong, feeling peace doesn’t mean that things won’t also be difficult, but you will have a strong sense of confidence as you walk through the trials that come your way. Peace is an excellent indicator that you are on the right path and connected to the divine.

4. You are more inward-focused

As we grow spiritually, our focus shifts from being more external to more internal. When our connection to spirit is strong, we are less critical of others, less focused on problems that don’t affect us, and more focused on things within our control: ourselves. If you feel like you’ve lost your connection to the universe, try being honest with yourself; are you focusing on problems you can solve? Are you more worried about the actions and choices of others than you are about your own? Having an external focus can cause us a lot of anxiety, so if you feel like something is off, be honest with yourself about your focus.

Along with these things, we need to practice mindfulness. Take time to journal and reflect on things you notice when you feel connected to spirit vs. when you feel completely lost. The more time you spend getting to know what it feels like to have that deep divine connection, the easier it will be for you to notice when you lose it.

What are some things you’ve identified in your own life that make you feel connected? Please share them below!


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