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11 Ways To Honor A Veteran In Your Community

What is the definition of a Veteran?

Thursday, the 11th November 2021, is a National Federal Holiday To Honor Our Military Veterans. The Veterans Administration defines the word veteran as "a person who has served in the active military, naval, or air service." A veteran is a person who is no longer serving in the military during wartime or peacetime.

What does it mean to be a Veteran?

Whether as a Veteran who had served during wartime or peacetime, all Military Veterans are honored on Veterans Day. We should honor military veterans on Veterans Day and every day for wanting or desire to Serve Our Country. The majority of Veterans feel a sense of pride deep within daily and especially on Veterans Day. The heart of a Military Veteran is filled with patriotism and love of our country, the United States of America. The way a Veteran truly feels may never be known to all since it is such a personal inner feeling. One way that we may try to find out how a Military Veteran experiences or thoughts or feelings is to ask them respectfully.

It is essential to recognize and appreciate some of the personal selfless sacrifices a Military Veteran engulfs for each of us in our daily lives. The Military Veteran's love and respect for our country is a commitment with such a high standard of self-sacrificing. The service before self reflects a strong personal desire to serve our country, knowing the ultimate sacrifice may occur. Military veterans' pride is reflected when they take the oath with a deep commitment to family, honor, and duty. So many Military Veterans can be described as selfless, patriotic, integrity service before self. Military Veterans will share the main reasons they were called to Serve and Protect Our Great Country in the military. It seems no matter what branch of service they all had in common, and they wanted to protect all facets of Freedom and our Constitutional Rights.

11 Ways To Honor A Veteran In Your Community on the 11th November

● Donate at Military Museums to honor a loved one or honor all those who have served in the military. A Military Museum is a depository or a building for the safekeeping of historical items and information

● Donate to a cause to honor a Military Veterans

● Donate a Gift Card to a Veteran

● Donate a Food Basket to our Veterans and their families

● Honor a Veteran by paying for a cup of coffee or breakfast, lunch or dinner

● Visit a Veterans Hospital and listen to a time that they served in the military

● Flying an American Flag or Hang American Flag in your yard

● Acknowledge a Veteran by verbally expressing a "Thank You so much for serving our country."

● Attend a Veteran's Day Event to show respect

● Ask an aging Veteran to share with you a song that most takes them back

● Volunteer at a non for profit such as Military Mission In Action

● Donate or Support your communities American Legion Post or a VFW Post

On Veterans Day, please take the time to honor to express a very special Thank You to all those who have served and protected The United States of America in the military.


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