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Psychic Skills

When you think of a psychic, you may think of crystal balls and older women draped in scarves claiming to have special gifts passed down from generation to generation. As fun as that sounds, that's not the reality of having psychic powers. Psychic abilities can present themselves in many different forms and can find their way to the minds of all different types of people – regular, young and old, not-draped-in-scarves people. It is normal for you to ask yourself: do I have psychic abilities?

I'm here to tell you that everyone has these skills, but it's like any muscle – it needs exercise and less ego to be in shape. Tapping into these psychic skills helps us expand our everyday into something far greater.

So now you're probably wondering where our psychic abilities come from?

That's a great question! There are many schools of thought. Some believe it is by higher functioning of the human brain that psychic abilities are possible. Others believe that it is by God’s grace that these higher powers are possible. I believe a mix of the two. One's awakening at various times to be open and remove EGO (or Edging God Out) and letting God and Love into your life unconditionally and removing the blocks within the brain so one can raise their vibration to receive and develop these gifts. Suppose there is an oily or smoky film around these gifts. They need to be cleansed to work at their best. One great way to start is meditation and chakra cleaning.

There are many great ways to practice. Here are five exercises to start.

  1. While waiting for the elevator, envision how many people will be in the elevator when it arrives at your floor.

  2. When the phone rings, before you look at the caller id, say the caller's name, then check to see if you're right.

  3. Take a large bowl of water with a friend or family member and ask them to put their hands in it visioning a situation or place. Have them take their hands out of the water, put yours in the bowl, and see if you can sense their vision.

  4. With a deck of cards, place them face down, and you will try to sense what the card is and match the same suit or number.

  5. Gently close your eyes, take three deep breaths, and return your breath to normal. Visualize colors and how you feel seeing these colors. Do you feel hot, cold, comfortable? Do you feel anxious, sad, or happy?

There are many ways to use these skills. One way is with angel readings. Angel readings are when psychics rely on intuition and clairvoyance while also using a deck of angel cards or oracle cards. Through the cards, psychics tune into angels who will provide the psychic with their guidance and spiritual intellect for whomever, they are watching over.

Another great way to use your gifts is through automatic writing. Also called psychography, automatic writing is the phenomenon of producing writing directly from your psychic abilities. The words that arrive on paper from the hands of the psychic can come from the subconscious or even the supernatural.

Give these a try and write to us to share your experiences.


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