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Gem Waters and Elixirs

Gem water is water infused with crystal vibrations to create a health-giving elixir. It is energetically more alive than regular water. Each type of crystal leaves its own energy signature in the water.

Gem elixirs are liquids other than water similarly infused with crystal energy. These may be oils, brandy or other spirits or even distilled white vinegar. Much depends upon the crystal and intent when choosing an alternate liquid. Some use the terms gem water and gem elixir interchangeably.

The electromagnetic vibration of a chosen stone is transferred to the liquid during the preparation of a gem water or elixir. When taken into the human body, this electromagnetic vibration alters electromagnetic misalignments in the body and the healing properties of the gem assimilate into the body in a positive way.

Gem elixirs contain a consciousness that can assist the individual to recognize the source of their behavior patterns. They can activate healing that comes from within the self at the soul level reflected back into the physical body.

Gem elixirs can be used in conjunction with other forms of treatment without interfering with that treatment. In fact, gem elixirs are a very powerful method of healing and will enhance other modalities a great deal.

Choosing the Proper Gemstone

Care must be taken when selecting a crystal as some may leach toxins or actually dissolve or rust in water. Pyrite can lose its luster and leach sulphur into the water. Malachite can leach copper. Selenite, Labradorite and Turquoise are also not to be in water. These stones may still be used but placed right up next to the glass vessel with the liquid to be infused, not in it.

In general quartz crystals (rose, clear, smokey, etc) are liquid safe and powerful as are amethyst, agate and tigers eye, except for blue which has be irradiated. Try an internet search for crystals that best match your goal or intention and if they are safe to use in liquid.

There are a number of methods to help you choose the right stone for you. Try an internet search for crystals that best match your goal or intention and if they are safe to use in liquid then ask Spirit to choose what is best for you at this time. Listen for an answer, follow your intuition. You may also use a pendulum, muscle testing, dowsing rods, or other tool to assist you with determining the stones to use.

Prepare and Cleanse your Gemstone

When you have selected your stone cleanse and charge it to clarify and amplify it to your purpose.

You can run clear water over it and imagine surrounding it with white light. Leaving it out under a full moon or on selenite or black tourmaline are other popular methods.

You can pray and meditate on your intention, try to connect with the energy and essence of the stone.

When you are ready – add your stone to the vessel you have selected. Be sure to label the vessel so it is not confused with any other. Pour the liquid over it either clear distilled water or half water half brandy or other liquid. Leave it in the sun or under a full moon for a few hours.

Your water can now be used as “gem water” you drink small amounts of throughout the day, being mindful of the vibration and the intent taken into your body. Always thank Spirit and the essence of the stone for the gift of the water and the gem before consuming.

For a more in-depth learning of how to make and use gem waters and elixirs, I offer a class periodically. Join my mailing list to learn about all my classes, workshops and event or visit my Events page.

Thank you for reading and have a blessed day!


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